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Thank You Thank You Thank You to John Brazile, Ryan Lee Crosby and Tim Williams and company for making my show last night at the Lilypad a huge success! And thank you all who attended! (You were already treated to a wonderful show - but you deserve a big pat on the back for helping things along.) There was a good turnout and things went very smoothly. I definitely look forward to setting up more shows very soon. If you are in a band and would like to get your music out and just need some publicity.... this might be just the way!

Boy in Paris by photographer Andrea Giacobbe

Up this Week: My review of the Rilo Kiley album. Two new artist profiles - and FINALLY: The start of my Best of 2007 So Far List (it's been a long time coming - but will definitely be worth it!) While you are thinking about the best of lists, I invite you to look at the Best of 2006 List in the right toolbar. With the publication of this latest list, I will be tearing all those songs and corresponding posts down. Please give them one more look, listen, download now if you like! That's all for now.


PGYx said…
Hey, I stumbled upon your site thanks to Alan at Sixeyes. Yours is by far my favorite best of 2006 song list b/c it doesn't contain the same old stale &/or overhyped favorites AND the songs are fabulous! Thanks for exposing me to artists I've never heard but should -- I'll be taking a closer look at several of them.

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