Ryan of the RSL on Radio in New Zealand?

One of your favorite music bloggers (ahem, I meant me!) will be speaking with 95bfm indie rock radio in Auckland, New Zealand this week! I was contacted and acquiesced to their polite request for a five to ten minutes interview! 95bfm represents Auckland University and points beyond on the radio dial! The station streams live audio on the internet (here.)

It's just a little ironic that I host a music mix series called blog radio - and now will be on the air talking about my favorite music.

I hope to expose the page to some new readers, share some ideas, discuss contemporary blogger and music industry issues and make some new contacts. I will let you all know when I have all the pertinents about when it will air sometime after the interview occurs!

Click for 95bFM Live Stream

The Scene in Boston:

"What 16-hour time difference?"

The Hook-Up
95bFM indie rock
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Anonymous said…
95bFM is a great radio station, I'll be listening...

Andy from Auckland

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