Cold War Kids return to Your Town - A new Tour

A tip of the hat today to Boston's own Exitfare for keeping me in the know on the Cold War Kids new tour as headliners. The band is also taking a swing through the states in support of the White Stripes! (Now that's a bill.) Definitely better then some of the CWK line-ups I was hearing about before. I am glad our friends are doing well and playing in good company!

Cold War Kids - Rubidoux
(let this one play even after the music ends for a special treat!)

The boys from Whittier, California won't be heading into Boston until December 4 - but they will be playing the Roxy and that sounds like good times! For all the CWK dates, stop over and see Dany over at Exitfare, he's got all that.

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Dany said…
hey man, hope you're well!

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