Artist of the Week: Chicago's Wilco

I am currently wrapping my arms around Wilco's new album, "Sky Blue Sky" and thought it made sense to revisit some earlier brilliance. The band continues to amaze me and nothing about their earlier material shocks and impresses as much as live performance and demo material. I always find it interesting what bands (or movie directors for that matter) leave on the cutting room floor. Did they cut it for time, or art, or feel - or something else all together?

And when it comes to live performances, truly great live shows are rare. Sure - the experience can transcend the actual musical experience on stage... Generally one or two songs shine. Well as is the case with today's song - the track of the week.... the band had one shot at glory: It's Wilco live on the Late Show with Conan O'Brien!

Chicago's Wilco

I have included two additional tracks - "Kamera" and "Magazine Called Sunset" - demo versions (unreleased tracks!) that never saw the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album. I think these are better. Funny how that works out. Wilco is the Artist of the Week.

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March2theSea said…
you hitting the show next week in Boston? I'll be there..first time ver seeing wilco..FINALLY
Kevin said…
Love Wilco, but couldn't help but feel disappointed by Sky Blue Sky. And good call with "A Magazine Called Sunset"; truly a lost gem.
Kate said…
"Kamera" is such a great song, I've always been surprised they never released the demo.

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