Saying Hello to a band named AU REVOIR SIMONE - they release a great new album

Putting the finishing touches on the European leg of their album tour in support of the brand new release: "The Bird of Music" (the threesome's first full-length LP) - Au Revoir Simone is about to embark on an American tour with Austin indie-powerhouse Voxtrot. It's a good time to be alive!

Heather D'Angelo, Erika Forster and Annie Hart are a dynamic trio of indie songstresses specializing in dream-like sonic landscapes dotted with keyboard melodies. It's original fare and not at all what you would expect. The new album creates a bigger world for the three to roam - and they do it well. The first single to be released is "Through the Backyards (of Our Neighbors)." With sings like this - it's pretty safe to say that the Voxtrot / Au Revoir Simone ticket is going to be a great tour. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

From the new album!

Voxtrot and Au Revoir Simone arrive in Boston on June 14 - appearing at the Middle East in Cambridge's Central Square. More tour dates on the Au Revoir Simone homepage.


evan said…
gee, this album just didn't do it for me. i don't get it.
Ryan Spaulding said…
Yeah, but you didn't like the new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album either. I still prefer the first, but the new record is still special.

A.R.S. isn't something I will listen to everyday, but bands like them, CYHSY, Architecture in Helsinki and Ghostland Observatory are part of the new shift in indie music. It's definitely something to watch. The fact they are touring with Voxtrot is big accomplishment for them.

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