Countdown - 30 Days to the Ryan Adams release. "Easy Tiger" is coming!

The new album - June 26

The new album is coming and from what I have heard so far, it threatens to be really, really good. Ryan is still standing one foot firmly in country, but seems to have focused on some of the clean vocalizations and production styles he has used in the past. He also isn't producing three albums at a whack, as he did in 2005. Each track off the 13-song Easy Tiger will have every opportunity to shine. Here's the proof -

Track listing for the new album: here. More samples and chit chat at two of my favorite blogs: An Aquarium Drunkard and at I am Fuel, You are Friends. Here are versions of two tracks set to appear on the album.


Anonymous said…
Nice find Ryan, I'm really looking forward to this album.

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