The Gods, Heroes and Myth mp3 Mix - Another Story by the Fire

Gods, Heroes and Myth ~ Part One
A glance into the world of story and legend through the eyes of songs…

Songs celebrating the common realm of myth and icons: History tells us about the importance of myth and the power of story. The language used to tell each has changed - but song and music are the common denominator in story telling. Originally appearing here on this blog last year when this page was still in its infancy - what follows is my showcase of songs from the world of legend and myth. Sit around the warm fire I have built. Sit with a friend and enjoy the telling!

Songs for Mercury & Hermes -
Gods fleet of foot

Celebrating Aphrodite and Isis –
Goddesses of Passion

Beautiful and True - Huck (Boston)

Remembering Ghosts of the Battlefield –
Songs for Warriors

Image: Sioux Warriors – Anon.

Confronting Lucifer -
Challenging our Concepts of Evil

Thanks for reading and listening.
Please support the arts. Happy Earth Day! - Ryan

More tomorrow!

Where I End And You Begin - Radiohead


Ryan Spaulding said…
Man, you guys must have been ravenous today! You burned through my daily allotment of bandwidth in an hour!!

Ok, so this is what I am doing... Reloading the first few parts of this one for today. I will reload the others for tomorrow. It will take longer, but that way you can get the songs.

Please pick up the albums or at least check out the artists web pages if you like the songs.

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