RSL Blog Radio Volume 14 - Satisfy My Mind

This is Volume 14 of the celebrated RSL BLOG radio sessions. Tune In.

Satisfy My Mind...
(Just a collection of songs that somehow manage to)

Artist: Russ Mills

These entries are a mix series based on what I am listening to at any given moment. Its my way of bonding with you readers. Hopefully you dig these. Sometimes the songs are emblematic of larger themes or represent an entire artist's album. If you are an artist and you would like your music or visual media shared with the readers of this page, please contact me at

Caught In Time Photography

Notes, Reminders and What-not

Radiohead live show:
Boston (6/5/06) - Only a couple of days remain until I pull this show down. Radiohead Post

The RSL New Year's Post:
Rippin' It Up - Tracks for 2007! Songs for the New Year

Sigur Ros, Live in New York 2006:
Iceland's Best play America! The Sigur Ros Post

Photo Diary - After the Blizzard: Colorado's Garden of the Gods:
Icy Images taken the Day after Colorado's 2nd Blizzard of 2006 -
Garden of the Gods Photo Diary

Stormy Weather - Songs for Winter
Inspired by the 1st Blizzard to hit the Midwest (It's 60 today in Boston!) -
Songs for Winter... Brrrrr


Anonymous said…
Love The Greenhornes!
love the CYHSY live version, very good quality.... cant wait for the new CD

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