Meet the Greenhornes, they died young so the Raconteurs could live!

This is a very special guest post about a very cool band.
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It’s a story about being torn apart by success rather than by failure.
Time to meet the band…

When people think about Jack White and his role in the Raconteurs they sometimes think about the shelving of the White Stripes and partner Meg White. This is true, but by Jack naming friends Jack Lawrence (Bass) and Patrick Keeler (Drums) to the Raconteurs last winter – Jack White completely derailed THE GREENHORNES – an on-the-rise independent rock band at its peak.

Greenhornes: Lawrence, Fox and Keeler

The Greenhornes are a trio of musicians consisting of Lawrence, Keeler and Craig Fox on guitar and vocals. According to V2 – their label, the band is not officially deceased – just on hiatus. The Greenhornes play soul and melody tracks reminiscent of the Byrds, the Kinks and the Animals (wow – sometimes when I close my eyes I forget they are not a young Animals band led by a blues-thirsty Eric Burdon!) Led by Fox (he is the songwriter, the voice and plays guitar), the band was at its creative peak a year ago when it released Sewed Soles.

Sewed Soles – a 19-track monster of an album.

I bought it immediately. As a closet blues fanatic (yes, it’s true!) – I fell in love with the Greenhornes and their new album. This band was going to be huge.





And then it happened… Jack White (who had toured with the Greenhornes through 2004) and Brendan Benson (an emerging artist on the V2 label- a label he shared with the Greenhornes) emerged to form the nucleus of a new band called the Raconteurs. They needed a rhythm section and they wanted Lawrence and Keeler. It didn’t take much convincing. White and Benson stole the pair from the Greenhornes - leaving Fox holding the proverbial bag.


If there is anyone the Greenhornes sound like from the world of classic rock, it's one of my all-time favorites, Eric Burdon and the Animals. Listen for the similarities in sound and pacing on these tracks and add these to your collection!

Each Animals track below is from a different era!

The Raconteurs: Lawrence, Benson, White and Keeler


The Greenhornes - Mary Anne with the Shaky Hands (The Who)



Anonymous said…
I love you so much for making this post. Greenhornes > Raconteurs.
Anonymous said…
I agree. I miss the Greenhornes so much, and frankly I resent White and Benson for taking the Greenhornes out of the scene for several years now. My buddy and I released their first single, and I hear they have a new album done and ready to go; have had it ready for a couple of years now. Though I like that second Raconteurs cd, I'd much prefer something new from one of my favorite bands. Long live the Greenhornes! Check out

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