The Upper Crust - "Let them Eat Rock!"

Now this is just too cool for words:

The "Let Them Eat Rock"-umentary
starring the pompous Victorian throwbacks

Will be aired on screen this weekend at Boston's Coolidge Corner Theatre this Saturday.

The Upper Crust movie this Saturday, Dec 2 @ Midnight
Hosted by director Rodman Flender.

This night will feature an 18th Century themed performance from

$7.50 Seats
- UPPER CRUST mp3s -


evan said…
Yo, R, how you be?

Can you do me a favor and come by my blog and try to download the Pearl Jam 1995 show? Somebody has complained that it is password protected, but I didn't set a PW for it. I don't know if it's user error or what.

Ryan Spaulding said…
Hey Ekko (everybody, Ekko is the master of the Berkeley Place blog where I write from time to time - not in a loooong while though)...

I will be glad to do so, but it can't happen until I get out of work. The computer geeks won't let me get away with it in the office.

Ahhhhhhh. Corporate America!
evan said…
Thanks R. I'm losing my mind with this password crap. My tech support person says the problem is on the user's end--they need to enter their own computer's password because they have their security settings up.
Anonymous said…
wow I clicked these links to play 'Upper Crust' and can't get over how much they sound like Michael Jackson -Jackson 5- singing ABC, wtf ?
Ryan Spaulding said…
Uh, you are trying to access long-retired media from the fall of 2006 (check the date at the top of the post and our policy about old material in the tool bar)...

What you are hearing is a default mp3 that I embed on the page to let people know that there are no technical issues (the blog is functional) even though the media you are looking for has been taken down.

The default mp3 was set to the Jackson Five following Michael Jackson's death in June 2009.

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