Friday's Dive for Five - Treasuring the Week's 5 Best Songs

Treasure from deep within my collection - but stuff that helps clarify the last five days of my week. Maybe you'll make some sense of your week with these songs. And depending on how your week went - maybe these tracks will help you forget all that. Either way - Listen to these songs.... Because for right now, in this moment we share on this page - they are as good as it gets!

- Friday's Dive for Five -
The FIVE BEST SONGS of the Week!

* By the way - something to look forward to - Did you like the Archie Bronson Outfit song? Yeahhhhh, "Dead Funny" kind of really rocks. Do you remember how good, "Dart for My Sweetheart" was? This band shows a hell of a lot of promise - and I have an interview with the band setup for the near future. I'm pretty psyched for it. You should be too - Stay tuned!


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for these downloads!!

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