Phil and the Osophers - breaking up the doldrum

I have been thinking a lot recently about the Do-It-Yourself spirit that abounds in the arts. It's a very wide area of interpretation, but one not unfamilar to musicians and bloggers alike. Over the next few weeks I will do what I can to celebrate some of the most amazing bands and acts who have literally come from nowhere. You'll hear some new music and you might just find yourself a fan...
Who are the Osophers? Who is Phil?

Mostly the songs are Phil Radiotes playing.
He's from New York City - Brooklyn to be exact.
I think the Osophers could be largerly figurative creatures: perhaps the angels and demons sitting on Phil Radiotes' shoulders.
Play these songs and what you hear is light-spirited, funny and quite talented. There's nothing groundbreaking here, but no one ever said that a guitar-playing, bad-joke-telling folk singer should be in charge. When you hear Phil's songs, you know where he is coming from.

I'm sure there's a funny story accompanying this picture of a very very flat tire.
Phil has posted the picture on his webpage titled: "Show Off"

The Dark - Phil and the Osophers

Phil and the Osophers on MySpace
I am helping a friend move today. More music when I return.


Anonymous said…
"the dark" sounds pretty groundbreaking to me. i love it.
Anonymous said…
"Bogota" is an excellent song. The lo-fi sound sets it apart from a lot of the stuff musicians try to pass as folk.

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