Supernova finds a singer - Watching rock on TV

Sweet Regret? This sonic treat.
Missing tonight's Starlight Mints show.
at the Middle East in Cambridge.

I really like this Bowie-esque track.
The lyrics are punchy and the production rocks.

The Starlight Mints are playing tonight with Mates of States tonight.
I have opted to stay in, miss the live music performance to watch TV.
Instead I just experienced the finale of Supernova.
If you haven't watched the show since the beginning, no worries - I haven't either.
The three finalists were competing to be the singer in a rock "super group"
Lukas Rossi of Canada

Let’s Spend the Night Together – The Rolling Stones (above)

Rebel Yell – Billy Idol (above)

Dilana Smith of the USA

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash (above)

Lithium – Nirvana (above)

Second Runner Up:
Toby Rand of Australia

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan (above)

Somebody Told Me – The Killers (above)

Lukas will now be the front man for "Supernova."
The band is set to tour beginning in January.
Do not be suprised if the band hits the road under a new name.
A lawsuit filed over the use of the band name "Supernova:" details here
You know what that means, don't you? I predict yet another media blitz to get the band's new name out into the news. Stay tuned.

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Olivia said…
I really thought Toby would have been the one. I was totally blown away when they let him go. I even did a t-shirt in Toby’s honor with his famous “EVS” on it and added it to my shop. ( )

Lucas, or Puke-as, as he’s known as in my circle of friends reminds me of that annoying comedian Bobcat Goldthwait when he sings. He screams and I can’t understand him!

They shoulda picked Toby! He had it all!
Ryan Spaulding said…
Hey F. Olive,

I am with you for the most part. I really thought Toby was going to win.. He certainly was the most improved artist by the end of the contest. There are two reasons why I do not believe he won. First - the fit wasn't the best. Yes, he may have deserved to win, but ultimately would there have been "sweet music?" The Second reason - I think at some point even he knew it wasn't going to work out - he was moving in a different direction. I think he will still go on to be very popular.

Ultimately, I am just glad Dilana didn't win. She was okay - but so damn cocky that it was driving me crazy.
March2theSea said…
I am in the minority here. Never saw a single episode and I really don't care. Its amazing how in to this stuff people are.
Ryan Spaulding said…
I am not so sure you are in the minority. These "reality shows" even those set around rock bands - are beginning to see some backlash from popular culture. It was entertaining - let's just put it that way. I couldn't have watched a whole season, that's for sure.

"The Money machine" fact of the day: immediately following the program last night, they were selling tickets to unannounced shows in January for a band that has never played together! Ridiculous..

"Life steps in" fact of the day:
(Due to the lawsuit settlement coming down, the band won't even be called "Supernova" by the time they take the stage next year.

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