Poetry from Sheffield

And this from the UK....

Letters and Colours is a friend band of the RSL blog from Sheffield, England. They are getting hot right now as they are clearly one of the best things going in the UK music scene.

I have even discussed opening this blog page up for Gerry from the band to do a little writing on the side. He has promised me an article on the contemporary music scene in England. That hasn't happen yet - but he did write me yesterday to provide some poetry. Here it is!

"The people I want in my life
Strong with complex lives,
The people I don't want in my life,
Weak with confused minds,
Dribs and drabs take tentative steps,
Nearer they're drawn to gates and death,
Liveless and dull, gradually worn,
The people I dont want in my life."
(thanks man!)
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Anonymous said…
I like the music, thanks. I will check them out. Good poem.
Ryan Spaulding said…
Excellent news from England for Letters and Colours fans...

The talented Gerry Miller will be contributing more works - poetry, his thoughts and his musical recommendations for this blog's readers - his tips on the best bands on tour right now!

Do not miss this. Gerry is a very cool individual.

For more on Letters and Colours go to www.myspace.com/letterscolours

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