Music Choreboy: Learning to enjoy Video

Learning to enjoy the Best of What's Around

A video sampler: I cover the world of music - my instrument is YouTube.

I Love Poland
Where Did Our Love Go? (a fan film)

No Complaints (new Beck)

TV on the Radio
Wolf Like Me (live on Letterman)

Shoot the Runner (new Kasabian)

File under - Learn to play an instrument

"Bass in Yo Face"

"Bass Strings of Fury"

A Look ahead: Staying with the video theme -
Return later for a VERY cool interview with the filmmaker for the Cold War Kids' amazing new video. (Yes, it will be here today for you to see.) We hear first hand what it's like to work with CWK - one of the hottest young bands in America! The video creation process is delved into by the production team and we see some video they have been working on for other artists as well.
You won't see this interview anywhere else folks!
THIS Weekend: the RSL Weblog Radio (a rundown of the songs I am listening to right now.... That means lots of free mp3 downloads and exposure to some new tracks!)

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Anonymous said…
that tv on the radio video is smokin'
Ryan Spaulding said…
Yes it is. that's what I was thinking when I saw it.
March2theSea said…
TV on the Radio I caught that as it happened. It was the day the cd came out and I had listened and wasn't too "wow'd" off the bat. Then later I was up after hockey, saw this and was thinking hey I need to go again and listen.

Kasabian was on the other they have 2 bass players?! Ned Atomic Dustbin as well as the Dirtbombs and Dianogah are the only other bands i know w/2 bass players.

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