Kasabian - FREE Providence Show (9/18/06)

As I write this the gentlemen from the UK's Kasabian are likely finishing their dinner and preparing for their set tonight at the Paradise in Boston.

Just announced!!! - PROVIDENCE, RI
Kasabian will be playing a FREE ALL AGES tomorrow

MONDAY - 9/18/06 * Doors at 7 pm
VENUE: Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel - PROVIDENCE, RI
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It's a MySpace Secret Show sponsored by Chili's restaurants.


Kasabian video: Shoot The Runner

Kasabian is touring in support of their new album, Empire.


March2theSea said…
i am only 20 minutes from lupos..but I'll pass.
Ryan Spaulding said…
I am thinking about going. I'll admit that I am not fully versed on this band - but what I have heard is pretty good. Empire has earned some pretty good reviews.

Did anyone check out last night's show in Boston - what did you think?

Hmmm. Anyone else going tonight, not going?

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