Saturday, September 30, 2006

Internal Rhythm by Letters and Colours' Gerry Miller

Every so often I turn the page over to singer and guitar player Gerry Miller. Gerry plays in a fantastic Sheffield UK band Letters and Colours.
About today's post -
I went to photo exhibition and there was a picture of a busker with a mustache in a tattered old white suite. He was playing a violin. I asked the photographer about him and he said "'he was a very proud man. He insisted on combing his hair before I took the picture." G.M.
Internal rhythm by Gerry Miller

I'm a great musician. I do street performances regularly and introduce new people to my music. Most respond favourably. They smile and put money into my hat.

I had no formal training, but my father was eager for me to progress in music. He bought me a violin for my 9th birthday from a pawn shop in the district I still live in.

I borrowed libary books, and began to teach myself. I wasn't familar with much of the music in the books, so I listened out for them on the radio. When I heard them they were almost unrecognizable from what I used to play from the book. This made me feel good. I was already interpretating pieces in my own style.

These days I write my own music. I don't listen to the radio anymore, but I hear a lot of modern music coming out from the shops near were I perform. I don't like it much, as they all need a beat, I dont need a beat. My music has internal rythym.

I watch people while I perform. I watch the people who are disinterested. They are generally opposites, either very quiet and fearful of the city, or very loud and too comfortable in their surroundings. I like the first. I just wish they had a bit more confidence. I used to get moved on by the police. But I've found a place now. They don't seem to mind me performing here. They just leave me to my business. The police dont like music.They have no internal rythym. But few people do. I have internal rythym.

Sometimes a man comes to watch me perform. He dances too. But I don't like it when he dances as he has no internal rythym. He is never in time to the music. I get angry, but I dont want to say anything to him that might upset him. I tell myself he only likes my music. But I may have to move on again soon to somewhere he wont come. But I like it here and the police leave me be.

I don't like to hurt or upset people. If I don't interfere too much with people they leave me to my own devices. They dont mind me playing my music as long as I don't pester them for money. I'm thankful.

But kids, kids are different. I get trouble from kids a lot. They make fun of my hair and my moustache. I find that hurtful. I make a real effort with my presentation, few of the other street performers bother. I dont like the other street performers. They're beggars not musicians. They want to get more money so they dress untidely. I wear my white suit. It's 20 years old. It's well worn, but its neat and tidy. I'm well presented.

I'm also well presented in my private life too. I enjoy the company of ladies. And visit some of them at the supermarkets were they work. They know my name. And I know theirs. I often see them on there way home from work when I perform. They do shifts, I know their patterns. I want to get closer. I'm plucking up the courage to invite them out with me sometime. To spend some time with me. I miss a lot of opportunities.

I smile. I say nice things. I instigate conversation. I can make people laugh. People leave me with a smile. I smile too. I like to be pleasent. And a like pleasent people.

I dont like unpleasentness. People who drink and smoke. People who gamble. I knew a lot of people like that. They made trouble for me. So I stay away from such people now.

I'm in control now. I do and say as I please. I come and go as I please. Control. I am in control of what I do and where I go. It's a freedom that I didn't have for a very long time. But I learn.

I make note in my own way, of things that happen around me. We can always learn. I'm a great believer in the capacity to learn even now. I still have my libary card. You don't have to renew anymore like we had to every year. It's a lifetime membership. It's the only membership I have. I don't go to clubs.

I used to play a lot of sport but I never liked it. It's competitive and you have to rely on others. I don't rely on others, its part of my control. If I make a mistake it's only me that suffers, nobody else. I find that comforting. And then there's some that seek to patronize. They talk tome about poverty. About a simple existence. About limited education. They don't talk about my pride or my presentation or my libary card. Thats all over-looked. They have no internal rythym. They have no grip on live. Not like I do.

I make claims. I know I make a lot of claims. But I have proof too. People talk of age and experience, but they seldom go hand in hand. But I've lived. I've remained sober too. I don't like drinks and I don't like smoke. I had enough of the people who do when I was young.

I'm in a safe corner now, where the police leave me. Where people respond favourably and put money into my hat. Where that damn man dances. And where the kids tease me for my hair style and my moustache.

But my moustache means I'm a man. My white hair says I'm an old man. And, my suit says I'm an old man that cares about his apperance.

And I am an Old man that cares about his apperance.

But Lord knows I've seen those who arent what they appear to be. And I've suffered through it. Slings and arrows. But I've left unpleasentness behind. I hope. I smile. I smile and laugh at the pretty girls in the supermarkets who know my name. They laugh. I persue. I chase. But I have stiff opposition and very few possessions.

I am desired too. Members of my audience. I'm pursuer and pusured. But I'm never caught and I never catch up.

I've been doing the same thing in the same place for a longtime now. i grew up in this district. I never left my home. People are dead now. And it some ways alone. But I'm not really alone.

I've got internal rythym.

Note: the attached photos do not include the one which Gerry saw in exhibition but I thought them a good fit. Gerry wanted me to tell you this is a work in progress. Its parts may end up in a song...

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Letters and Colours - Bigger Than Life mp3

Letters and Colours - Chase the Bull mp3

Letters and Colours - Cause and Effect (the I Love Poland remix) mp3


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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gods, Heroes and Myth: An mp3 series - Part IV

Gods, Heroes and Myth
A 5-part-series released on two mp3 blogs.
A special look into a world of story and legend through the eyes of songs…

What has already come to pass


The Jesters, Clowns and Fools

stained glass - artist unknown

Only a Fool – The Black Crowes

(an unreleased track)

Jokerman – Dylan

Such a Fool – The 22-20s

The Game Needed Me – Minus the Bear

Easy to be Stupid – Howlin’ Maggie

From the Beautiful Girls movie soundtrack

Prophets and Wise Men

Artist: Estelle Laibson

Ancient Man – Deadboy and Elephant Man

When I Paint My Masterpiece – Dylan

Things Are What You Make of Them – Bishop Allen

Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave - Morphine

Chronos – Time Keeper, God of Infinity

image: taken from Piers

Cause = Time – Broken Social Scene

A Crack in Time – Ferraby Lionheart

Good Time – The Elephants

Ten Seconds ‘til the End - Whiskeytown

Please visit the Berkeley Place blog tomorrow for the wrap on this series.

Gods, Heroes and Myth: An mp3 series - Part II

Gods, Heroes and Myth
A 5-part-series released on two mp3 blogs.

A glance into the world of story and legend through the eyes of songs…


This really cool post continues, but it started somewhere else:

I write for two blogs these days. Please visit Berkeley Place and the start of this series:
Please listen to each song for its relevance!

Death and Destiny

Image: jack-o-lantern carving – Anon.

There is An End – The Greenhornes and Holly Golightly

The Funeral – Band of Horses

Sukie in the Graveyard – Belle and Sebastian

Mother Earth

Fiddler’s Green – The Tragically Hip

Gabriel and Michael – Avenging Angels

The Archangel Leaving the Family of Tobias- Rembrandt

White Moon – The White Stripes

more to come tomorrow

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Architecture & Applause - Yeah. What were you doing Tuesday night?

Last night's Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Architecture in Helsinki show at the Avalon was simply magical. It was better than expected and my expectations were pretty high!
By all estimates, the Avalon Boston was filled to almost capacity (approximately 1,000 - *sorry couldn't find the actual figure and estimates vary from 750 to 1,200 *)

The show opened with Takka Takka.
Sorry. Not much to say.
Not bad at all - just not great. Only got three songs in.
No comment.


Wow. AIH isn't just a band. It's a sonic movement or collective.
It's like an fun performance of the Blue Man group without the "Blue." Think I'm exaggerating? I would have too before last night. The band (six members appeared on stage Tuesday - I believe there are as many as eight in all) sounds like a mish-mash of some of my other favorite band's sounds... Case in point: David Byrne (post Talking Heads DB) and Wolf Parade and Beck and Big Audio Dynamite II and throw in some World Beat African music - maybe with Paul Simon.

The exchange of instruments on stage is quite impressive. Just about everybody in Helsinki plays each instrument. (The set is filled with instruments leaning every which way - like a disorganized junior high school bandroom closet! I loved it when the trombone appeared from nowhere.) The guitars, drums and keyboards were traded like baseball cards on a Maine summer vacation.) Seriously fun stuff kids. Kind of surprised not to get in on this band sooner. Normally I am right on top of this stuff.
More Architecture in Helsinki:
AIH on Wikipedia (the informative everything) + AIH MySpace - Be the band's friend.



I was told by several friends, all of whom are "in the know" that CYHSY can "only let you down," since they can't play live as well as they sound on CD. Tuesday night proved the doubters wrong and the winners (besides me and the 900+ other people at the show last night) are the concert-goers attending the rest of the band's concerts on this tour.

The bottom line: The band is actually as good as their CD sounds these days and that's unbelievably awesome.

The only fair criticism the band has received over the last 500-some days as they have toured three continents is that they never seem to sound as good live as they do on their maniacal debut albums. Those early days are gone and that criticism is over and done with.

Not even a busted keyboard could slow the band down. They played one of their "new" songs while stage techs worked furiously to get things going again. By the time the Korg was up and running again, it was time for a keyboard-essential tracks like Gimme Some Salt.

The best parts of the show? Sprinkled like chocolate and rainbow candies atop an sundae made from the sweetest ice cream. "Over and Over Again" + "Details of the War" + "By the Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth" + "Satan Said Dance" (best version I have ever heard yet) + "Heavy Metal" (the finale) really stand out....

The band is having fun on stage these days and they are more than happy to involve the audience. Their next to last song was the Rolling Stones' Let It Bleed. It didn't sound like the Stones. It sounded like something new. One last example of the fun that was had at the Avalon on Tuesday: Just prior to the end of the regular set (prior to the encore,) the band hit a low. Having played up to an adoring crowd in this packed Boston venue, they stepped out and played "Clap Your Hands!" It's the carnival-sounding opening song to their album. Enchanted, the crowd - all of the crowd joined in!

Weird, maniacal and fun...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah Boston!

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
play Boston tonight.
Photo credit: Sigurjón
Alec Ounsworth (above) and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah play the Avalon in Boston tonight. Melbourne's Architecture in Helsinki also appear. Doors at 8 pm.

Possibly over-hyped but really friggin good.
Live mp3 recordings from RadioOne (Germany)

Heavy Metal live - filexoom host
Heavy Metal live - ezarchive host

CYHSY Live at the Black Cat - Washington D.C.

Is This Love? live- filexoom host
Is This Love? live- ezarchive host

CYHSY Live at the WOXY Lounge - 2005
Details of the War live- ezarchive host

Gimme Some Salt


Is this Love? - Live on Letterman


By The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth


In This Home of Ice



Be Your Own Pet !

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

RSL blog radio - Songs from the field

RSL Blog Radio: Episode III
Every week I drop some mp3 tracks on you that bring you into my world. This is what's playing in my living room and what I am listening to on my way to work each day.

Each track can be downloaded. I encourage you to run them together and make yourself a playlist you can take with you out in the field or on the road.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wheat Field with Rising Sun - Van Gogh
What can I say about this song? I adore it. It's sentimental but not gushy.
The parts all fit together. I would love to see it performed live.
This is a great track to take a road trip with. Very synth-poppy.
It makes me feel like I'm on the way to a club in London.
Thanks to W.W. for sending me this track. Now you have it too!

Circular Fields - Sasha Harris-Cronin
TV on the RADIO
If you haven't heard "Wolf Like Me" from TVoTRthis month, chances are you may be deaf. This band is all the rage. All this talk about the band's new release: "Return to Cookie Mountain" got me interested in some of their previously released tracks.
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah play the Avalon in Boston this week. I will be there. Here is Gimme Some Salt and a super cool rare track I picked up somewhere online.
Sharing gets you points in heaven.
Architecture in Helsinki from Melbourne are the opener appearing with Clap Your Hands. Here’s a great track:
I will be the first to tell you that I have mixed feelings about the band.
There are always exceptions. I really like Railroadman 192. Here it is:

highly recommended

Friday, September 22, 2006

Q & A with an INDIE rock filmmaker from L.A. - new Cold War Kids Video!

Meet Josh Forbes,
Los Angeles filmmaker.

Josh directs music videos for independent music artists.
He is one-half of the force behind the Winch and Pulley production Co.
Without further ado ~ this is his work:

Ryan's Smashing Life: Wow. That's a tremendous video! How did you get involved with the Cold War Kids?

Josh Forbes: Thanks. I went to college for a couple years with Matt Maust (the bassist and graphic design guru for the band). We were never really friends, and to be honest he kind of scared me. He was super punk rock.
MM: CWK Bassist, Graphic Artist, Intimidator.
Carl Ernst photo for the Cold War Kids webpage

JF: I was friends with Matt's older brother Dave, who's in the band Havalina ( link ), and I had Dave star in the first video I directed for the band Thee Spivies ( link ). At some point along the way I got to know Matt and started bugging him to do some design stuff for me, back when his design company was called Cold War Kids. When the band started up, I started bugging him to let me do a video for him... Basically the best things in my life started with me bugging someone.

RSL: Haha - Josh, that's great. I can see what you mean. Matt is certainly intense. He's probably my favorite Cold War Kid. Very talented. Tell me about the conversation; the "bugging" as you called it. Specifically - How did you convince the band to do the video?
JF: Basically whenever I meet someone who's in a band that I like, I ask them if I can do a video. Most of the time they smile and say"yeahhhh" and then you never hear from them again. I hired Matt to do some design stuff for Winch and Pulley (dot) com and I asked him about a video and he said sure. The only down side was that they had no money, but we worked around that. You usually can.
RSL: Now that you've told us about your involvement with CWK, how about Irving, how did you meet them? I like their music but don’t know much about them, Where are they from?
JF: They're a Silverlake band. Again, it all comes back to bugging. I was doing a write up on them and had emailed them for a CD. It's one of the perks of being a music journalist, as I'm sure you know! Alex, their bass player wrote me back and we sort of hit it off. I asked if they wanted a video, he said yes and we went from there. I've always wantedto do an After Effect-sy animated video with my friends Max Miceli( ), and PJ ( ). Everybody pitched in and I'm really happy with the result. So was the band. I guess it's been on MTV2, Fuse and even in Nordstroms, which was pretty wild.
RSL: Cool. I know that song! I really dig that. How did you get into doing this? Being a filmmaker for music videos?
JF: I love music. I've written about music for over a decade, and recently was a Contributing Editor at Flavorpill (link). I have alot of contacts at different labels and it's sort of grown from there. Plus you're able to do cool stuff that other people pay for. Winch+Pulley is essentially myself and my producer Jeff Edwards. We've worked together for over 10 years. We wrote a couple scripts, one about magicians the other about midgets.
RSL: Did you go to school for film? Or study film in college?
JF: I started in film, but my school's program sucked so I studied theatre for 2 years. I left that school and after I did my time in a handful of community colleges, I ended up home at the University of Colorado.Their film school was an old abandoned Air Force base.
RSL: What are you new projects?
JF: Just wrapped a Barenaked Ladies video. Have a video for a new band called Acute that's really great (link). I'm flying out to Seattle to do a video with Damien Jurado. So a lot of stuff. Hopefully more stuff with the Cold War Kids.
RSL: Based on what I have seen, I hope so too. What video project are you the most proud of?
JSF: I'm really happy about my video for the Submarines - video
RSL: What services can you and Winch and Pulley offer small independent bands? Perhaps my page and maybe this video will help steer some bands your way.
JF: It all depends on the budget and the band. A band like the Cold War Kids is so rough and rugged that a video like our works. I once was asked to make a low budget video for a Vietnamese Pop Star and I had to pass because they wanted Britney Spears-glossy.
RSL: Thanks for visiting with me Josh. We will be watching. Best of luck.

mp3 files from the interview:
(KEXP - may 2, 2006)

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Music Choreboy: Learning to enjoy Video

Learning to enjoy the Best of What's Around

A video sampler: I cover the world of music - my instrument is YouTube.

I Love Poland
Where Did Our Love Go? (a fan film)

No Complaints (new Beck)

TV on the Radio
Wolf Like Me (live on Letterman)

Shoot the Runner (new Kasabian)

File under - Learn to play an instrument

"Bass in Yo Face"

"Bass Strings of Fury"

A Look ahead: Staying with the video theme -
Return later for a VERY cool interview with the filmmaker for the Cold War Kids' amazing new video. (Yes, it will be here today for you to see.) We hear first hand what it's like to work with CWK - one of the hottest young bands in America! The video creation process is delved into by the production team and we see some video they have been working on for other artists as well.
You won't see this interview anywhere else folks!
THIS Weekend: the RSL Weblog Radio (a rundown of the songs I am listening to right now.... That means lots of free mp3 downloads and exposure to some new tracks!)

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pieces of Shrapnel - Cold War Kids

Some exciting new developments here today. The RSL circle grows wider.
Today I pick up the pen for the Berkeley Place Blog
Step over there today and FEEL some of the Cold War Kids tracks.
Here's something for you to nibble on. The rest are at Berkeley Place.

It's quite an honor writing for such a cool blog - and one I have not taken lightly. Do your best and get over there immediately! I hope to do more posts for the page soon.
Speaking of the Cold War Kids, I perused their homepage two days ago and was delighted to see that one of my very own pictures has been dressed up and is being showcased on the page... Voila:

(tiny version for publication purposes)

Look familiar? It's a picture of Jonnie from CWK taken in front of the mural painted on the wall outside the world famous Middle East in Central Square It also happens to be the picture to your immediate right. (Shift thine eyes to the east for just a moment please...)

The picture has been turned into a super cool CWK show poster for one of the band's Manhattan shows. The band will be playing in Boston again on Oct. 28 - this time at the Paradise.

Daytrotter has a quality interview with Cold War Kids bassist Matt Maust.
You should read it.

In case you didn't know Matt Maust is the talented soul behind the graphic art adorning the band's albums and website. (And for the collage work done on my photograph... I love it when a blog comes full circle.)

TOMORROW - rsl exclusive interview

Meet the man behind the coolest Cold War Kids video project yet!

Watch the amazing CWK video and check out the latest video projects from the production company. Hear first hand what it's like to work with exciting new bands. Friends, this is what they call a teaser.


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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

An mp3 Introduction - from NYC: Meet the Ks

From Brooklyn, NY -
The Ks

The talented band is led by singer-songwriter Dan Kilian.
The following tracks are from the band's 2005 release, Skunk:
Good stuff! I strongly encourage you to check this band out:

The Ks play New York's The Knitting Factory on October 5.

Monday, September 18, 2006

the indie landscape in the UK - A chat with Gerry Miller

A note from Ryan: This is a guest post from British guitarist and singer Gerry Miller.
Gerry performs in an amazing Sheffield band named Letters and Colours.
This post was born from a question I posed to Gerry some time ago. He was good enough to respond with some great wisdom..

RSL: Which new bands in the British music scene do you think Americans should start paying attention to?

GM: Alright, let me tell you. These are groups I love. Groups that excite me...
picture: Phil Swift for Rotary Ten
Rotary Ten have been very influential on the development of our own group for some time now. They were the first underground band of quality I had ever seen. They inspired and intimidated in equal measures and made me feel the improbable was attainable. Live, they are loud and exciting . A wake up call.
Choice lyric; "I've made a plan to conquer love and all that, With that in hand, I thought that I could sit back"

picture: Kevin Petch for I Love Poland
The majority of the music I listen to regularly was made before I was born. Contemporary groups leave me feeling cold as I very rarely believe groups to be lyrically or musically sincere. I Love Poland successfully shook me out of this stupor. I came across the band through the internet. And ever since I've told anyone who'll listen how great they are.
Their song-writing appears to be as very simple, yet I've still to hear any modern song-writing that comes close to Cripple or The Glamour of the Dark.
On a personal level, I Love Poland have ignited an excitement equal to when I first discovered The Idiot.
Choice Lyric "Speaker! Won't you come down? You're making a fool of yourself!"
(RSL note: I Love Poland’s seven-track EP titled “ILP” will be released on October 2.)

New Young Pony Club have tunes that are musically slick and lyrically suggestive. I associate them with fun times and as their popularity grows you probably will too. It's music that you can dance to, music that provides a glamorous alternative to the regluar aspects of life that needs to be escaped from now and again. Choice Lyric "Show me what you're hear for, Come on and dip your dipper"
RSL: Thanks Gerry.
previous RSL post from Letters and Colours' Gerry Miller:

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kasabian - FREE Providence Show (9/18/06)

As I write this the gentlemen from the UK's Kasabian are likely finishing their dinner and preparing for their set tonight at the Paradise in Boston.

Just announced!!! - PROVIDENCE, RI
Kasabian will be playing a FREE ALL AGES tomorrow

MONDAY - 9/18/06 * Doors at 7 pm
VENUE: Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel - PROVIDENCE, RI
. .
It's a MySpace Secret Show sponsored by Chili's restaurants.


Kasabian video: Shoot The Runner

Kasabian is touring in support of their new album, Empire.

The Revolution will be televised: Current TV

The ultimate distraction and sweetest guilty pleasure on television:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The network offers “Viewer Content” programming.
(See VC2 on the network home page.)
Basically, the channel is a rolling showcase for video blogging!


Today I saw a broadcast taped by a National Guardsman - who we follow from his initial notification that his unit was being shipped over to Iraq, through his experiences there – including a roadside ambush of their caravan. Now he has to learn to find his place in society. Corporal Killian, the subject, now works with abused children.

A videographer from the West Bank covers the ongoing Palestinian and Israeli conflict. Daily road checks, explosions, protests and gunfire. You watch as a protest turns ugly as Palestinians begin throwing rocks and the Israeli border guards begin using tear gas and shock grenades to disperse the crowds. In the struggle we lose sight of the American girl we just met in the crowd. She is a volunteer living with the Palestinians.

A tape was sent in by an employee of a rare car rental shop where impossible to find classic cars and new models can be rented by the super wealthy. The cars are gorgeous, the level of wealth depicted somewhat revolting… The best moment was the look on the face of the kid mechanic/shop boy who gases up the cars and brings them around for pick-up. He was riding in somebody’s dream come true. His hands dirty, the smile – ear to ear.

This station is unbelievably awesome. The segments are all played with world music in the background.

(Think of it as "smart" YouTube)

In between each segment Google hosts a television entertainment and video broadcast (called what else, but Google Current?) The Google bits are heavily slanted towards the interests of the blog-minded set.
This network rocks.
As I write this, the network is showcasing the band Tilly and The Wall (a favorite of the RSL weblog).
The band is performing "Bad Education" on stage. Wow - totally addicted to this.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Weekend Gate: Special songs for friday

Freedom: Please take a moment and treasure this fleeting moment.

Ahhhhhhh. Friday... I never thought you were going to get here old girl!

A scene from the office.
I am Guildenstern (the one standing next to Rosencrantz...)

The medical device grind was particularly long and hard this week. Time for some music.
Everyday the world of this blog: new friends, new bands and contacts from all over the world - just gets bigger and wider. I really couldn't be happier. I was contacted by two more individuals from France and another musician from England (Gerry Miller from "Letters and Colours" was the first) on posting some work and doing some guest blogging.
Stay tuned - the next week looks very good for the RSL blog! (Now crack your Bass beers! Nuzzle your Newcastles and Guzzle a foamy Guinness... Friends, you earned it.)

On to the mp3s:

These four tracks are in my vehicle's CD player right now.
They are all from the RSL weblog disc series
(from the"Green collection" - disc #2 / 12)

Beck - Beercan

The Beatles - Glass Onion

Cornershop - Funky Days are Back Again

Check back soon!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Supernova finds a singer - Watching rock on TV

Sweet Regret? This sonic treat.
Missing tonight's Starlight Mints show.
at the Middle East in Cambridge.

I really like this Bowie-esque track.
The lyrics are punchy and the production rocks.

The Starlight Mints are playing tonight with Mates of States tonight.
I have opted to stay in, miss the live music performance to watch TV.
Instead I just experienced the finale of Supernova.
If you haven't watched the show since the beginning, no worries - I haven't either.
The three finalists were competing to be the singer in a rock "super group"
Lukas Rossi of Canada

Let’s Spend the Night Together – The Rolling Stones (above)

Rebel Yell – Billy Idol (above)

Dilana Smith of the USA

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash (above)

Lithium – Nirvana (above)

Second Runner Up:
Toby Rand of Australia

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan (above)

Somebody Told Me – The Killers (above)

Lukas will now be the front man for "Supernova."
The band is set to tour beginning in January.
Do not be suprised if the band hits the road under a new name.
A lawsuit filed over the use of the band name "Supernova:" details here
You know what that means, don't you? I predict yet another media blitz to get the band's new name out into the news. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am Ryan's new mix tape - Week 2 of Blog Radio

Welcome to week two of RSL rock radio...
Here is what I am listening to right now.

I fully encourage you to listen and buy these recommended picks!

Spencer Krug & co: Wolf Parade.

I'll Believe In Anything, You'll Believe in Anything (live in studio)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Heavy Metal (live)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Gold found in Portland: Another Cynthia.

Belle and Sebastian

Me and the Major (live)


PLUS/MINUS - New math from NYC

Steal The Blueprints

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Poetry from Sheffield

And this from the UK....

Letters and Colours is a friend band of the RSL blog from Sheffield, England. They are getting hot right now as they are clearly one of the best things going in the UK music scene.

I have even discussed opening this blog page up for Gerry from the band to do a little writing on the side. He has promised me an article on the contemporary music scene in England. That hasn't happen yet - but he did write me yesterday to provide some poetry. Here it is!

"The people I want in my life
Strong with complex lives,
The people I don't want in my life,
Weak with confused minds,
Dribs and drabs take tentative steps,
Nearer they're drawn to gates and death,
Liveless and dull, gradually worn,
The people I dont want in my life."
(thanks man!)
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Saturday, September 09, 2006

North into the dark woods by sleddog

As you crack the pages of This Olde Blog, I am in Vermont.
Driving four hours to get molested by Border Officers and lose myself in the canopy of trees.
My younger cousin is getting married today and I thought I should help with the drinking.

I am in Stowe - this is a famous covered bridge here.

Songs not about "the country" or about "vacationing"
but have them in the title:

Country Death Song - The Violent Femmes

We Used to Vacation- Cold War Kids


Songs for people I have met or jived with for a few minutes this week.

The world is better off with you and I thought you should know it.

This one is for Jen S. Maybe we will see one another at a Sexton show:

Diner (live)- Martin Sexton

This one is for Vicki who is stylish and wicked cool:

In Heaven (into) Where is My Mind? (live)- The Pixies

This one is for Katie who I met over a slice of mushroom pizza:

Walnut Street Bridge- Heypenny

This one is for Jen P. She is the Pirate Princess (she tells me so!)

A Pirate's Anthem- The Jolly Rogers

(Texas' The Jolly Rogers have reformed as Oh No! Oh My! in Nashville!) -

* If you don't have a song here but we had a decent conversation this week do not freak out. Just keep being cool and keep your fingers crossed.

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