Gods, Heroes and Myth: An mp3 series - Part IV

Gods, Heroes and Myth
A 5-part-series released on two mp3 blogs.
A special look into a world of story and legend through the eyes of songs…

What has already come to pass


The Jesters, Clowns and Fools

stained glass - artist unknown

Only a Fool – The Black Crowes

(an unreleased track)

Jokerman – Dylan

Such a Fool – The 22-20s

The Game Needed Me – Minus the Bear

Easy to be Stupid – Howlin’ Maggie

From the Beautiful Girls movie soundtrack

Prophets and Wise Men

Artist: Estelle Laibson

Ancient Man – Deadboy and Elephant Man

When I Paint My Masterpiece – Dylan

Things Are What You Make of Them – Bishop Allen

Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave - Morphine

Chronos – Time Keeper, God of Infinity

image: taken from Piers Anthony.com

Cause = Time – Broken Social Scene

A Crack in Time – Ferraby Lionheart

Good Time – The Elephants

Ten Seconds ‘til the End - Whiskeytown

Please visit the Berkeley Place blog tomorrow for the wrap on this series.


evan said…
Love that Bishop Allen tune, and thanks for not posting the Whiskeytown on my site and respecting my boycot of Ryan Adams.

Hope these posts have gotten you some traffic. Very good stuff.

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