12 Months of My Life In Music

December's Turn
A Writer stares in the face of a Holiday Season in the Pandemic

For ______ (A Playlist for Second Halves)
Challenging myself to find a happy place

Skies Above
Being alone for months on end makes for lots of mirages.

Summa Heeeat
Something different and decidedly upbeat. 
Weeks driving in my car with the windows down.

Summer Won't Let Me
A Year of Restrictions characterized by a Summer of Not

Always On the Verge of Something
Hope is just a four letter word (and other cliches)

Skipping Rocks Across Your Time
Pondering Life after Quarantine

For Some Reason
Comes a time where each challenges their faithlessness

Mom has died and I assemble a playlist of her songs. 
(Life is messy. Connect however you can.)

One Song from each of my favorite records of the year

(Feeling and Knowing are not the same)

Autumn 2019 Angst 

Ryan's Smashing Life
Web / Ig / Tw 


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