Kishi Bashi - This Must Be The Place

This week's Sunday Song is a cover of a Talking Heads favorite. Anthens multi-instrumentalist Kishi Bashi is pretty new to me but in my limited research, this is definitely an act you need to know. Bashi has a wide breadth of music to draw from. I was torn on whether to share the Paul Simon cover I found today or this one from David Byrne and company. 

Talking Heads win out. "Naive Melody" is a game-changer of a track, demonstrating a depth of songwriting perspective to match the quirky arrangements of the band. And Bashi's version of This Must Be The Place features Bashi and a string quartet. It's just lovely and most worthy of the Sunday Song spotlight.

Kishi Bashi's has a new album is called Omoiyari, which you can stream or buy on bandcamp. Consider yourself informed!

Kishi Bashi
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