Jenee Halstead - I'll Be your Man

New Music of the Week. Wow, this kicks some major tail. Jenee Halstead has teamed up with sound mage Dave Brophy to craft another-worldly pop song to listen to while you drive through empty streets this Quarantine. The new song is "I'll Be Your Man."

Video Directed By Armen Varadian

NEW THIS WEEK - "I'll Be Your Man" is an early release track for Halstead's fifth album, Disposable Love to be released this September. {from Jenee's website: "work with producer Dave Brophy- whom she describes as her “musical soul brother”- has sent her sound on a bigger and pop driven trajectory. The songs hold up a mirror to our current societal challenges, reflecting some of the biggest issues we are facing: artificial intelligence, climate change and rapid technological advancement in a post moral world."} Brophy is a wizard and he works with only the best. I'm really looking forward to this record. 

Ciao for now. Jenee is definitely someone you need to know.

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