an insane fan-filmed NIN concert

Let us not forget: Artists are music fans too! Never was that made more clear than yesterday when Trent Reznor, front man for Nine Inch Nails, sent an email blast letting fans know he was excited to locate a cool new fan-made video from 2018. It appears the footage, which is impressive, uses fan-powered photo and video stitching technology.  

The footage from the Cold and Black and Infinite fan video is mostly black and white and contains only muted colors. (Based on having witnessed the tour, I have to believe that decision was made due to the amount of strobe effects used in the sets.) And while this is certainly not the best NIN setlist I've seen, it contains some great performances and the footage is downright exceptional. Somebody worked hard to get this right:

00:28 Branches/Bones
02:19 Wish
05:58 Less Than
09:36 March of the Pigs
14:04 This Isn’t the Place
19:11 Reptile
25:40 Sin
29:56 The Perfect Drug
35:36 Shit Mirror
38:42 Ahead of Ourselves
42:13 God Break Down the Door
47:34 I Can't Give Everything Away (David Bowie cover)
52:41 Subterraneans (David Bowie cover with Bad Witch lyrics)
56:58 The Frail
58:10 Help Me I Am In Hell
01:00:37 Happiness In Slavery
01:05:35 Head Like a Hole
01:10:44 All the Love In the World
01:15:55 And All that Could Have Been
01:22:15 Hurt

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