Climb from Blondfire

This week Erica Driscoll of Blondfire unveiled her first new song in about two years and it's a beautiful banger! Blondfire tracks are uplifting, life affirming energy givers and it's been about two years since we've had something new to celebrate.  Climb is trademark Blondfire; singer Erica Driscoll's sultry lyrics broadcast over pure sunshine and impossibly catchy arrangements. 

The days are weighing heavily on us all. Many have lost people they love. About 15% of America is out of work. And the mental strain, the stress and fear are palpable. The Universe has sent new Blondfire to save us.

"That's how the song I sent you came about," wrote Erica to me in her pre-release chat last week. "I was just feeling a real heaviness about the world and kind of trapped. I picked up my guitar and it was like the song was just waiting for me to tune into. It's about escaping and rising above the bad."

 We're all feeling this weight right now Erica. Thank you for this. Please send more!

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