Violator turns 30

I grew up in a smallish town in a small state. No one would have accused any of us being trendy but I can clearly remember hearing Personal Jesus, Enjoy the Silence and Policy of Truth for the first time. This was foreign-sounding, fearless and sexy music. I think I had followed a girl to the album and she loved the record. Things for us didn't work out but the album stuck. 

Depeche  Mode's Violator turns 30 years old this week and remains as timeless as fun than ever - a placard for a decade but also a touchstone for music. 47 minutes of good times and bad which will be with us 

Like it's party and sun predecessor Duran Duran's Rio - Depeche Mode's album was the perfect, bleak and beautiful party point-in-time album. This was a girl in a black skirt and a pair of dark sunglasses strutting past a mysterious man a black hat. This was a dangerous album it felt like. Moments, images and sounds locked in time. 

1. "World in My Eyes" 4:26
2. "Sweetest Perfection" 4:43
3. "Personal Jesus" 4:56
4. "Halo" 4:30
5. "Waiting for the Night" 6:07
6. "Enjoy the Silence" 6:12
7. "Policy of Truth" 4:55
8. "Blue Dress" 5:41
9. "Clean" 5:32

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