ERA is One To Watch (Toronto)

THE MAILBAG - Everyone has a chance to shine. A couple of times a month, I spin fate's wheel and listen to unsolicited music from the inbox. 

This week I found "The Edge" a hot new single from mysterious Toronto/Tel Aviv artist ERA. A beautiful human being, Eden, aka Era is on all of the artist's collateral on Facebook and Instagram running counter to her low-range vocals. The results are quite beautiful, especially on repeat. Those deep tones and the song's subject matter create passive tension for listeners.  

"ERA is a multimedia artist with a background in fine arts. During her studies at Bezalel Academy of Arts, she has begun to use music in her performance and video art pieces. "The Edge" is her first independent release, and it features a strong reflective hook, inviting listeners to look within and ask deep, compelling questions."

Our Take: "The Edge" is a melancholy Valentine along the lines of a sado-masochistic ballad (ala Morrissey) where one end of the spectrum is an atmospheric love affair and at the other is utter despair fueled by emotional starvation and loss. So in other words, this is an pretty smashing entry and completely relatable material these days.  (Any song that throws in a Gregorian Chant sample you know is a winner in my book.) 

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