Ghosts We Can Always See

I started this music blog thirteen years ago this fall and have had to provide mea culpas for disappearing acts only a few times during that span. Today's post is a hybrid of one. I've been away dealing with professional responsibilities and caring for my dying mother - who I was largely estranged with prior to all this.

Seeing a vital person fall apart medically and psychologically has been one of the most emotionally draining things I've ever had to go through. Having it being an awakening of our difficult relationship has been another eye-opener.. Life is not easy. But light can be found anywhere. Life prevails.

For the last six weeks I've gotten into the habit of seating myself in front of my desktop with a cup of coffee (if only for 30 minutes) to see if I could write. My mind is often racing too fast to compose. Or, often, I'm just too tired to find the words. 

Today I write and hope I've turned a creative stone that reflects my own well-being. I still have a lot to say. And at least for now, I'm back. 

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