The Actual Goners

THE MAILBAG - Everyone has a chance to shine. A couple of times a month, I spin fate's wheel and listen to unsolicited music from the inbox. Today I found "Temptation" the new single from a Toronto duo The Actual Goners and - wow, this track is pretty much magic! I closed my eyes and within moments the track had transported me back to 2002 when Ryan Adams was playing songs from three different new albums at the time. ("Temptation" could have easily been plucked from Rock N Roll, Demolition or Love is Hell.) This is a band you need to know!


IN THEIR OWN WORDS: The Actual Goners are award winning Canadian songwriters Tristan Armstrong and Duncan Symonds. With a passion for live performance that drove them across the country from Vancouver Island to their current Toronto home base, the long time collaborators deliver personal and ageless tunes that capture and celebrate the compelling moments found in the unglamorous day-to-day.  

“Temptation” was recorded at Toronto’s Lincoln County Social Club with John Dinsmore. "We always have such a blast in the studio – always track live off the floor, always an opportunity to learn," writes the band. "The song describes someone who is walking home through oppressive heat, wearing the prior night’s clothing, experiencing the aftermath of the decisions that were made while in an uninhibited state of mind. The refrain speaks to the conflicts we confront in knowing that indulgence goes hand in hand with consequence."

The Actual Goners
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