Portrait I

I landed in Austin with all of the excitement one might expect. An arts lover stepping into what a week of what is undoubtedly the shining beacon for music during those dates. And when I crossed the threshold of the doorway to see The Howl & The Hum (York, England) I felt a huge sense of satisfaction seeing a such gifted band from so far away as they passed through. 

The small venue was awash with stage lighting effect, the perfect pallet for this band's sound. {editor's note: In retrospect, my expectations were elevated and completely unfair.} But no matter how high I wanted them to fly, The Howl & The Hum soared higher. Characterized by crafty, nearly poetic songwriting, the performances were equally arresting musically. This is Portrait 1 two ways.

Portrait I
Gold, gold, she looked like she was golden
Think she would have landed me if she got any closer
But as I leaned in, she grew wings
Felt like I was falling through it as she rose then
Gone gone, quickly as the dawn
I was never knowing if she'd ever come home
So with all my might changed my mind
But an angel leaves an imprint on your broken bones
Girl, churl, from out of this world
Slow like thunder rare like pearls
When morning came the darkness stayed
Now all I want to do is shade the shame
Shade the shame
Shade the shame
Shade the shame
And when she's falling
Do you really think you'll waste my time
Her name I am calling
Do you really think I've lost my mind
A study of the girl with wings
Daylight it never felt right
To live…

The Howl & The Hum
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In Their Own Words:  "The Howl & The Hum are a miserable disco who write Bond themes for films where Jimmy is still hung up on that girl. They combine dark hypnotic pop with post-punk influences, pierced with lyrics that make you call your mum the next morning."


Dave Nick said…
Spot on, Ryan... easily the best live band currently 'bubbling under' in the UK. Big things await.

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