Weakened Friends power into Austin!

With an exciting new album, sold out shows here in the US and a tour in the EU in the wings, Portland, ME's Weakened Friends power into Texas this week to play their very first Outlaw Roadshow. Find out for yourself what folks on the East Coast already know - this is one of the most exciting acts in music today!

Named the best unsigned band in New England in 2017 by the Boston Music Awards, Weakened Friends have made lots of glorious noise the last three years. Their new album, Common Blah (Don Giovanni Records) saw the band (Sonia Sturino, Annie Hoffman, and Cam Jones) offering a more expansive look at this the marvelous rock band's promise. This is some seriously catchy and angsty vibes. 

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Do not miss them on the Outlaw Roadshow stage!  
The band play a free set at Stiles Switch BBQ 
Friday 3/15 at 3:30pm. 

This year's Austin Outlaw Roadshows are Mar 13-17 at Stiles Switch BBQ and presented by Big Red Drum Entertainment and Ryan's Smashing Life. All shows are absolutely free to the public. No festival badges or credentials are needed at all to attend. You should bring some hunger. Stiles Switch offers some of the finest food offerings in the entire city. Wash it down with a cool beer. Best days of our lives folks! Full artist lineup is coming along with the schedule of sets and events.


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