The Tenders have joined The Outlaw Roadshow

Each year The Outlaw Roadshow has a few acts that lift off the page in a really fun, new way. Typically it's a band with a larger than life stage presence. Sometimes it's a band about to release a new album. The focus that dedicated playing brings out something larger than life. Today's spotlight artist has both of those things going along. 

Meet The Tenders - a stylish, standout East Nashville garage rock band on the verge of releasing a collection of dark surf songs! Your ears and your eyes are not going to believe this...

In Their Own Words - With members originally hailing from the twin cities, the land of OZ, and the Florida swamps, The Tenders "sound" embodies a fusion of blues-rock, dark surf, garage, and rockabilly. Comprised of Tracy Jean (drums), Ariel Isa (bass), and Marco Argiro (vocals, guitar) the group formed at the end of 2017 with the intention of going wild and helping do away with the cookie cutter, overproduced sound that has become the norm these days.  

-The Tenders play The Outlaw Thu, Mar 14th at 1:30pm
 -The Tenders release a brand new surf rock EP "Rager At Party Beach" Fri April 5th via Outright Rock Records 
 -The Tenders will also be supporting The Coathangers that same day Friday 4/5 @ The Exit/In Nashville, TN.

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This year's Austin Outlaw Roadshows are Mar 13-17 at Stiles Switch BBQ and presented by Big Red Drum Entertainment and Ryan's Smashing Life. All shows are absolutely free to the public. No festival badges or credentials are needed at all to attend. You should bring some hunger. Stiles Switch offers some of the finest food offerings in the entire city. Wash it down with a cool beer. Best days of our lives folks! Full artist lineup is coming along with the schedule of sets and events.


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