It's Brett Newski's World - and we live in it!

Writing a music blog and having your own traveling, festival-style music event has spoiled me. I love sharing acts with quirky live sets and amazing backstories and this platform lets me do whatever it is I want. That twisting road brings us to today's spotlight artist. An artist who is just perfect for us and this time. Excited as all heck to share that Brett Newski is the latest act to join the Outlaw Roadshow!

Daytrotter called Brett Newski and The No Tomorrow - "the loudest acoustic act" they had ever seen. Praise has rained down from the likes of Rolling Stone, WXPN, The Boston Globe and more. But truth be told, the Milwaukee songwriter is a self-effacing storyteller and a quirky, unrepentant artist. Those qualities have driven him to shares his moments on the road with friends and fans alike with video chats and timeline updates. Music that embraces - even when it's not playing. All of it reveals a unique mind and a special kind of creative heart. 

IN HIS OWN WORDS - Known by many as the first band ever to be kicked out of Wal-Mart for playing an illegal show, Brett Newski has certainly kicked his own ass over the past 6 years, touring infinitely (mostly alone) and wandering down the rabbit hole of anxiety, depression, and wallowing self-doubt. All of these negatives have blossomed into positive creative energy on his third LP."Anxiety can actually be a good thing. If you use it right, that nervous energy can be channeled into motivation or creativity," explains Newski. "Even the most seemingly confident people have self doubt."

New This Week: Brett has released a killer Beck cover. Head over to Spotify and love the wicked, "Devil's Haircut." And catch him with The Outlaw in Austin. Definitely someone you need to know!

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This year's Austin Outlaw Roadshows are Mar 13-17 at Stiles Switch BBQ and presented by Big Red Drum Entertainment and Ryan's Smashing Life. All shows are absolutely free to the public. No festival badges or credentials are needed at all to attend. You should bring some hunger. Stiles Switch offers some of the finest food offerings in the entire city. Wash it down with a cool beer. Best days of our lives folks! Full artist lineup is coming along with the schedule of sets and events.


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