Don Babylon join The Outlaw Roadshow Lineup in Austin, TX!

Foul! is the name of the new album from Philadelphia's Don Babylon - one of my favorite additions to this year's Outlaw Roadshow in Austin. This band's going to put you into a glorious haze of sound. The trio; Aubrey Neeley, Leland Bickford, and David Gaither, first came to my notice during their tour with Car Seat Headrest - band who challenged and enthralled audiences in Austin during festival season.  

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Don Babylon churned out drunk, sad rock'n'roll in between kitchen shifts and last call. That was, until they moved to Philadelphia. The music they produce is simple emotive fun but it's also dark, sardonic and witty. Their syncopated delivery and growling exterior I suspects hides some real sweathearts. Super excited to have Don Babylon with us. 

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This year's Austin Outlaw Roadshows are Mar 13-17 at Stiles Switch BBQ and presented by Big Red Drum Entertainment and Ryan's Smashing Life. All shows are absolutely free to the public. No festival badges or credentials are needed at all to attend. You should bring some hunger. Stiles Switch offers some of the finest food offerings in the entire city. Wash it down with a cool beer. Best days of our lives folks! Full artist lineup is coming along with the schedule of sets and events.


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