When You're Ready - Nate Leavitt

The highly-anticipated Nate Leavitt follow-up, I Miss Me Too, will see life next month and I assure you it'll be awakening for new audiences. The first single, When You're Ready, offers all kinds of promise for the record. Here Leavitt's voice sits atop a pillow-soft tone with Leavitt's band, The Elevation, providing perfect backing accompaniment. The album was recorded and produced by Dan Nicklin at Boston's Henley row. Along with featuring Leavitt and Nicklin, the record features Megan Tracy, Paul Myers, and Brendan Boogie.

I've made it no secret that I believe songwriter Nate Leavitt is one of the most gifted musicians in the Boston music scene - he shreds on that guitar and that's only half the instrument of destruction his head and heart are. The protagonists of his songs are hard-luck everymen, blue-collar knights, anxiety-sufferers and solitary figures. One night, I witnessed Leavitt bring a capacity audience of strangers at the Hi-Watt in Nashville to their knees. There were tears flowing and everyone was leaning into the music. That's a special kind of power. 

Boston will have a local Nate album release show at the epic Lizard Lounge on Saturday, Mar 30th. Be on the prowl for Tickets are expected to go on sale soon. Warning: this show will sell out. 

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