Something to Love from Idyll Green (Jukebox Gentleman)

When you look up to realize you've found yourself in a world gone mad... love is what you need. The absolute perfect pick-me-up this Valentine's Day is this brand new number from R&B-influenced Idyll Green from San Antonio. The new song is Jukebox Gentleman and it features a beat that cannot (will not) be ignored.

Idyll Green are brothers Rene, Jaime and Abe Villanueva. The trio, previously known as Hacienda, first came to my gaze back in 2009 as the backing band for Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. (It's very likely that the best thing Auerbach will ever do on an album appears on his 2010 solo debut 'Keep It Hid' which featured the fellas from Idyll Green.) Possibly the best live show I ever saw at the Paradise Club in Boston. Super excited about this return!

The new stuff is high energy, laced with R&B and a departure from their rock past. It is a huge return to form for the vital, high energy music from Shakedown. I couldn't be happier to run this on Valentine's Day. And delighted to give you something to love!

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