SPOTLIGHT - Come Undone from Gracie Curran

You want atmosphere.. I'll give you atmosphere. Our Spotlight today shines down on Come Undone, the soft and bluesy new track from Gracie Curran. Her huge personality and empowered vocals are well-supported here by an all-star band made up of some of New England's best. 

photo credit: unknown

Come Undone
Gracie Curran- Vocals
Damon Fowler- Guitar
Matt Walker- Bass
Justin Headley- Drums
Victor Wainwright- Hammond
Pat Harrington- Guitar
Mark Earley- Sax
Doug Woolverton- Trumpet

I love how after the first big horn break, the band walks it back.. the long segue, and that slow, eventual triumphant return to Gracie's voice are just great! This music could be heard pouring out of the alley behind a Detroit or New Orleans blues bars after 3am. Song of the Day. Gracie Curran is a name you need to know.

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