My Next Band only writes Songs about Space (New Mix)

While I have a history of sharing my playlists, I have never communicated the thought process behind crafting one of these. So today I'm doing that. Hope it helps draw you in closer to the music.

For this one, I envisioned the protagonist of this mix finding themselves in an ever changing environment, a series of crossroads. The tracks were to present a series of descriptions for what our hero encounters along the way. (Laughing) I tried to find a way to share this story without sounding like an eight-year old boy. Follow along and we'll get to share one of my favorite mixes of the year. 

As soon as I considered the concept for the mix, my mind immediately self-reminded of the Crossroads story line from Marvel Comics. (Yes - and don't ask me why, because I don't know why..) but my mind jumped back to these books from 1985. This adventure involves the once-hero Incredible Hulk being cast out into the multiverse. There the banished Hulk continued to encounter all sorts of new life and face fantastic challenges. I furiously reviewed the stories on the pages I remember them intensely three decades later. Even as a boy I knew whatever I did for work, I knew I wanted to create.

Mike Mignola art 1985. Words by Bill Mantlo.

Remembering these comic pages and listening to the music playlist it inspires puts a smile upon my face. And it pleased my young mind then to consider that adults in this would could produce work like that as a way to make a living. Those lucky comic book creators somehow found a way to win the keys to the palace: they managed to dislodge their grounded character from the confines of a restraining reality where they - like The Hulk - could explore whatever path they chose. 


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