Friday, September 21, 2018

NEW: Until It Hurts

It does a heart good to hear from old friends. And that's exactly what if feels like hearing a new song from Soft Pyramids. They've always killer cool but here it sounds like they've collectively ascended. Until It Hurts is the lead single the new full-length (!), Lowrey Go Go (out on Oct 5).   

This configuration of Soft Pyramids features Dwight Hutchenson, Jon Christensen, Shaun Curran, Matthew Glover and Max Liebman. The drop is just 2 weeks out. Already anxious for more? Head over to the Soft Pyramids bandcamp  and get acquainted with their backlog; a most-worthy journey.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

The Rise of Beth Bombara

Today's Artist Spotlight features gifted Beth Bombara - a musician you definitely need to know. Hailing from St. Louis, she first came to my attention a few years ago with her breakout, self-titled record - so good it made my Best of 2015 List. Bombara has a world class singing voice and a old soul. (This is an unique performer and I knew, even then, that it wouldn't be long until she broke through.)  Last year's new album and the resulting tour for Map & No Direction proved me right.  

FROM HER BIO - With a folksinger’s head and a rocker’s heart, Beth Bombara has built her career on an evolving sound, touching the roots of American music. To those who make their living onstage, she’s a musician’s musician -- a road warrior who writes her own material, plays multiple instruments and fronts her own band, while also performing solo on occasion. With 2017’s "Map & No Direction," Bombara’s songs take aim at a larger audience with melodic hooks that showcase a love not only for roots-rock, but the irresistible punch of classic pop, too.

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