New Pages To Turn from Hallelujah The Hills

Keeping score on a band now logging in more than a decade of time-served can be difficult, especially if that band is Hallelujah The Hills. The indie rock band have toured extensively, released five albums to acclaim and now embark on the most ambitious phase of their career - finding fertile new sound space, falling in behind their rock-author front man Ryan Walsh.

Walsh's new novel, the widely celebrated 'Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968', has set the songwriter - and the band on a new trajectory as they prepare to craft and coax songs for their sixth album. Hallelujah The Hills recorded the soundtrack for the audiobook, making the best seller book a collaborative effort to celebrate music and the northeast's special place in pop history - focusing on Van Morrison and the cult of American music.

Returning from a creative hiatus of sorts, Hallelujah The Hills return to Providence this Thursday to play their first Outlaw Roadshow lineup in more than three years. There are more dates planned and more book signings. What you have right now is a fountain of creative energy - a stream of lava right from the core of the earth. And despite the highest expectations for the band's output, we can be assured all kinds of unanticipated bits of brilliance. This is one of the best music outfits in the country. And this is an important time.

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