Israeli Folk Star Sun Tailor!


I'm pretty much beside myself with excitement announcing that The Outlaw Roadshow Boston this week features our friend Tel Aviv folk star Sun Tailor this Friday night in Boston!

The multi-instrument Arnon Naor is better known as Sun Tailor. And when he takes a stage he commands a room. In less than a half decade he has crafted a large following based entirely off of his mesmerizing live performances. 

In 2015 I traveled to Israel to host my first ever International Outlaw Roadshow, set to coincide with the Tune-In Tel Aviv Music Festival. Not only was it was a smashing success, I bore witness to one of the most stirring performances I had ever seen from Sun Tailor. And now he's here - in Boston - in a small room capacity show - which you're not going to want to miss.

The artist has a brand new record, 'This Light'. It's ten landmark tracks relayed by Sun Tailor and a team of Israel's most talented children: Udi Naor, Daniel Sapir, Omri Barel, Jackie Fay, (fellow Outlaw Roadshow act and music goddess) Maya Johanna, Amos Zimmerman, Yaniv Horovitz, Asaf Talmudi and Daniel Anglister. Sun Tailor sings, plays acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, lap steel, mandolin, tambourine, glockenspiel and the bells. (Yeah. Nuts.) Pick up a digital download of 'This Light' today.


From The Website: After releasing his first album in 2012, Sun Tailor has become one of the leading figures in the growing Israeli folk scene, with both albums receiving major praise from indie and mainstream media.  With his personal take on the one man show, Sun Tailor blends guitar, mandolin, percussion and live looping, creating a huge atmospheric sound, often sounding like a full band. Always on a mission to create an intimate, heart opening experience, to make a crowd of strangers become friends. To fall in love with music, with life.

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