Elisa Smith plays Garth Brooks' Guitar

Elisa Smith is an alternative spirit in a country rock world. Literally touched by Country stardom when Garth Brooks asked the impressionable young singer on stage to perform, Elisa has embarked into a world where her personal convictions and the blessing of a Country legend have set her on the path of conviction and discovery.

Moments of Brilliance - Elisa met Garth when she attended a talk he and Trisha Yearwood were giving in Boston. During the Q&A, Elisa asked him how he overcomes his nerves when he's on stage. Garth “baptized her by fire” and invited her on stage to play a song. After the performance, Garth gave her his guitar (the one she plays with now) and told her to sing her heart out. That's what she's been doing ever since.

Elisa Smith
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Very cool!

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