Childish Gambino targets guns and his own success on This is America

DISCUSSION - Childish Gambino's unexpectedly violent 'This Is America' is more than an obvious statement about guns in America, it's about violence, purpose and allowing ourselves to be distracted while the lower half of humanity suffers. 

The fact that this lead single from Gambino is such a catalyst and it bears the name of the tour that is to follow, indicates this could be a very interesting year.

In releasing this statement video Gambino (the music alter-ego of gifted actor and writer Donald Glover) challenges listeners and sets the crosshairs squarely upon himself. Risky, sure.. but this dark little video is high art. 

In two short weeks you'll see the same Donald Glover appear on screen play a young Lando Calrissian in the latest installment of Disney's Star Wars franchise.  But today, he stands under a beam of light - still surrounded by unconscionable darkness and loss. I love that he took chances and made a strong statement about callousness and inaction. This is a man with a foot in two worlds.  Tour dates are listed on his website.  

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Anonymous said…
"the lower half of humanity" it is to combat negative characterizations like this this song and video exist. you couldn't have found a different, less negative way to address black folks than "the lower half of humanity"? how about minority America? or the African American community? Lower=less than. DO BETTER!
Ryan Spaulding said…
The video is filled with African Americans, sure, but gun violence knows no color.. You're completely missing the point if you think this video is only about and for black people. And my words certainly weren't either.. The term "lower half of humanity" refers to the nameless disenfranchised regardless of colour, sex, religion, culture and creed.

Childish Gambino's self-effacing criticism of how he dances while innocents are dying around him does not indicate the issue is the death of black people in society - but to the death of innocence itself. The death of a way of life.

Regardless - I love everybody and it's a dynamic video worth discussion. Thanks for stopping by.

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