Daphne Lee Martin - Brandy

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a delicate new love song from Connecticut songstress Daphne Lee Martin. Spending this holiday with Daphne has become something of a tradition for me. The singer has debuted a song on my radio program and/or on the music blog during Valentine's Day for years now.

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True to form this brand new song "Brandy" is a beautiful but melancholy "celebration" of the relationship concept itself. This one is anticipated to appear on Daphne's forthcoming Scared Fearless album (2018). You're hearing and feeling it first!

Near the closing of this one we hear Daphne pay homage to Linda Perry for her unforgettable 1992 single, "What's Up" (4 Non Blondes.) It's a most unexpected segue for the single - but when you consider emotional fit, you quickly come to realize it's the ultimate marriage of lyrics and tone. 

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