Winning Big with The Low Cards

Last week I walked into the most unexpectedly amazing of live sets I've seen in six months - and I just have to share. I love punk-infused country rock. I have a soft spot in my dark little heart for blue-collar poetry. And you should probably know, I'm hoping the doctors don't ever come up for a cure for the Blues. 

And if you can't appreciate these things, you may never ever understand The Low Cards. And perhaps, this particular entry in my music blog isn't at all for you. The rest of you should probably fasten your seatbelts and get ready, because tonight - we ride.

The American Rust Belt and the blue collar cities in the country's midsection and south have been making some of the best rock and roll and most honest music this world's ever seen. This is nothing new. Fair comparisons on this one to celebrated bands like The Black Keys and Heartless Bastards are inevitable for The Low Cards, who play slow and steady but raise clouds of excitement with each.. dusty.. step. 

In Their Own Words - Rock & roll, swamp rock, roots rock... The Low Cards have been described as many things, one thing's for sure, they rock. Dissonant guitar mayhem, bombastic pigskin pounding, and slap happy upright bass debauchery... The Low Cards are guaranteed to satisfy.

This is real music. Zero sugar-coating. Not overproduced, over-hyped or elevated in any way. And it's the best thing you've heard in a good while.  Pick up the new self-titled album and turn the volume up high..

"There Aint' Nothing Wrong With Being Dead"

The Low Cards are Matt Slobogan, Dan Baker and Brian Jablonski.

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