Moving Music, This is Avi Jacob

Proximity is the gift from Avi Jacob to listeners. His immediately recognizable but completely unique voice uplifts, enlightens and devastates the listeners. This is an emotional songwriter and you'll hear that in his lyrics and see it in his delivery. 

Avi Jacob traveled the east coast looking for good work, performing live music and doing some recording the last few years. And he's raising a son. All of these things are great fodder for someone with an artist's heart. 2018 finds Jacob now residing in Providence, RI. Another fresh start. 

This is art. Jacob's creative soul crafts modern tales of human discovery (agony and ecstasy) and that too, is immediately relatable to each of our ears. The immediate 'closeness' of his songs depict not a harshness (no, not at all) but rather how effective it is cutting to the quick.

It is with the utmost pleasure that The Outlaw Roadshow announces Avi Jacob will play an acoustic set for us at this Thursday's Providence show at Alchemy. The lineup offers a heady "Festival-like" night of rock music, celebratory pop, Americana grind and folk at Alchemy in Providence on Thursday. The whole thing is free to the public. Doors at 7pm.

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Bonus Track!
vocals/guitar/bass/keys/toy piano- Avi Jacob
drums/engineering- Jett Craze


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