Big Love for High Fascination

On the verge of releasing a new album here in 2018, The Outlaw Roadshow has added Boston's High Fascination to our huge Providence lineup on Jan 18. That bill already features The Quahogs and The Low Cards. Two acoustic sets to be unveiled in the next 48 hours.

High Fascination were one of the hero acts at the last Outlaw Roadshow New York and were a big hit with both the crowd and the other bands in our lineup. The band and its young players have found a niche for themselves by playing tones and styles emblematic of music's past - celebrating classical approaches to songs of heartache and dismay. It's easy at times to forget you are listening to a band in 2018.

During the recording of 2016's The Optimist, and whenever possible the band have insisted on using vintage equipment for their recordings, resulting in the amplifiers, keyboards, and most of the guitars used on the album predate the 1972 (a meridian line for purists). So what we have here is a bunch of gear heads and music nerds executing feel great pop and rock songs influenced by music's heroes. And that's kinda just perfect.

One of my fondest memories of the band wasn't on stage. Late one night following a New York show, an impromptu jam session with members of a dozen Outlaw bands took place. At the core of it were the guys from High Fascination. They are gifted, knowing players and dedicated to execution. Their ability to merge into this one-band with members two decades older, flawlessly, was notable. 

That night we all sang and played old standards which the members of High Fascination: Andrew Weiss, Mark McIntyre, Eddie Matthews, and Sam Gautier, who seemed to know the way better than most. It was a life memory!


As I noted, the lineup will be fully announced within the next two days. Save the date - next Thursday, January 18 - to be utterly amazed. Alchemy in Downtown Providence on Richmond Stret. Five acts, each brilliant. RSVP on Facebook. Ticket price is Free!

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