The New Album is 'First Things First'


Got bored in your bedroom so we went for a drive
To the lake where I grew up, it was almost midnight
Stole a boat and rowed out, watched the moon eclipse go by
And the water below us was as deep as the love that kept us floating there
But this boat’s sinking slowly now that you’re gone

I guess we’ll just stop talking then
We can forget this ever happened
‘Cause it’s obvious I can’t just be your friend
I’m going in circles ‘cause I only have one paddle out here alone

Got back to shore ‘bout 2AM
I grabbed your jacket on the boat dock
And I pulled you in and we kissed
It was so dark, I found your lips
Only because I felt your breath

I know that soon I will be fine
You left this void the size of pines lake
Now I’m filling it up one cup at a time
And if I knew that was the last time I’d see you
I might have said

Hey Mary, that was one crazy summer
I know after this we’ll never see each other
I’m old enough now to know nothing lasts forever
The only thing I ask is please

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