Love And The Zealous - The Outlaw Roadshow Video Session!

The intersection of lives and counting the magic moments are what The Outlaw Roadshow is all about. So many receptive hearts and minds. That is what it was for us all in New York this past fall as we gathered to celebrate life. And this is how we came to work with Love And The Zealous.   

It was amazing to see how quickly we fell in step with these fine gentlemen. Singer Richard Love is a unique talent. He delivers stunning vocals and I'm thoroughly convinced most of it comes straight from his heart. Love and guitar player Marcus Leemann started the band out of Texas where the pair spent countless hours killing time, casually scratching out the start of what would soon prove to be a dynamic trio. Joined on bass by Matthew Ramirez, the trio have brought the best out of each other. Described as purveyors of "Southern Rock and Soul Funk," this is a band you need to take note of. Each member has brought influences from their journeys creating a rich environment for creativity. And none has gone to waste.. A set by this act can fill a very large room in a hurry. 

Audiences appear stunned for a moment that such strong tones are emerging from three young men, but that's the way the gift of music works... It finds a way to reward those who work hard and believe. 

Here they are, recorded in the Garden in New York City. The trio are seated in front of our cameras flanked on all sides by original paintings from celebrated painter Felipe Molina - who enjoyed the sets just off camera - with other artists who had gathered.

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MORE TO COME: All footage and production (how about that sound??!!) for this year's Outlaw Roadshow in New York are the work of Ehud Lazin of SBGIt has been a joy to work with someone as passionate about new music and historic performances as we are. We want you to share Ehud's videos to the world! 


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