Meet The Outlaws - Molehill

Chicago provides us another stellar sound... it's Molehill!

INTRODUCTIONS ARE IN ORDER - The Outlaw Roadshow has a celebrated history of holding-aloft great Chicago bands and we're more than happy to uphold the tradition this year in Toronto. Molehill are the ultimate live sound.. with huge rock epithanies and emotion curled up in every note, their stage is the foundation of a live night full of memories. The fact their sound is mountainous, the name is a clever cut, an irony not lost on the listener. 

Lyrically important, and perfectly aligned - this is a band's band. Peter Manhart, Trevor Jones, Greg Van Zuiden and Devin Staples round out the mainstay alternative band, who have made a name for their epic, late night sets in The Windy City. Get ready to be amazed!

IndieWeek Toronto Schedule! 
Fri Nov 18 - 11pm The Outlaw Roadshow 
at The Cameron House (Backroom)

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