Meet The Outlaws - Devil Met Contention

INTRODUCTIONS ARE IN ORDER - One of the most mesmerizing new sounds to meet my ears in 2016.. This is Devil Met Contention from Milwaukee, WI. Their southern Gothic Rock sound swirls in the same circles as earthy westerns, but this isn't something from your granddaddy's music collection! Devil Met Contention combines the old sounds of country, folk and blues and blend them into something new and dark and beautiful..

Their latest, Fuel The Lights, is a gorgeous telling of love lost and new pathways ahead. The next destination for these showmen will be The Outlaw Roadshow Toronto during IndieWeekGet down with this band's dark Americana, pick up a copy of their new record and see them next week for yourself!  

Recommended for Fans of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash. "Mesmerizing stuff," said Outlaw Roadshow Executive Producer Ryan Spaulding. "You're going to love these guys. We play them all the time on Outlaw Roadshow Radio and now we can bring them to our live stage in Toronto."

IndieWeek Toronto Schedule! 
Thu Nov 17 - Midnight at The Paddock
Fri Nov 18 - 8:30pm The Outlaw Roadshow 
at The Cameron House (Backroom)
Sat Nov 19 - 10:00pm The Outlaw Roadshow 
at UG3

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