Meet The Outlaws - Caleb Lovely

Outlaw Caleb Lovely is One To Watch!

INTRODUCTIONS ARE IN ORDER - Undoubtedly, one of the biggest wins to come out of The Outlaw Roadshow Nashville was the set of Caleb Lovely. Responsible for one of the guttiest, most heartfelt performances delivered to our audiences this year, Lovely is young - but, indeed, no stranger to the stage. For years, he has worked his craft and tightened his phrase. Along the way, Caleb earned a large international following who hang on every word delivered. That was certainly the case in Nashville; meaning all kinds of people who had never heard the man sing left with a new favorite pop singer. We couldn't have been happier and immediately signed him up to play shows in Toronto. 

To that end, I am delighted to announce that Caleb Lovely has been invited to play more lineups in Toronto than any band in IndieWeek history. Find out what this guy is all about. Certainly One to Watch!

IndieWeek Toronto Schedule! 
Tues Nov 15 - 7:30pm (IndieWeek opening night!) at The Burroughes
Weds Nov 16 - 11pm at The Supermarket
Thu Nov 17 - 8pm at The Burroughes (Beer Fest!)
Fri Nov 18 - 9pm The Outlaw Roadshow 
at The Cameron House (Backroom)

Caleb Lovely
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